Sharenote ehr – A Review of Sharenote’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

Sharenote is a web-based practice management solution that helps behavioral health agencies and organizations streamline processes related to electronic billing, appointment scheduling, practice management, and more.

It also allows patients to sign forms, communicate with therapists, and access treatment plans through an online portal. The software has a dedicated customer support team that is available during practice hours to assist users with any issues.


Sharenote ehr is an electronic health record system that helps healthcare facilities become more efficient. It features a centralized system for managing patients, notes, and services and a mobile interface for point-of-service use. It also has a direct billing system that allows healthcare facilities to bill insurance payors directly. This helps increase paid claims interest and correct denials quickly, as well as makes insurance claim verification easy.

In addition to these interesting capabilities, ShareNote ehr offers multi-location support. This capability allows users to access critical client records and employee information from multiple locations using a single login.

Another interesting feature of ShareNote ehr is its universal note system. This solution generates notes with electronic signatures and staff credentials, which makes them easy to review. It also includes billing codes in service/shift notes, which ensures that bills are billed correctly.


Whether your practice is in the realm of substance abuse, behavioral health, developmental disabilities, or just plain old mental health, you can’t afford to skimp on a good EHR system to keep track of your most vital client data. The cost of an EHR system for a small to midsize practice can easily reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. Thankfully, there are many affordable options that are as good or better than their big-name competitors. The best ones have a solid, reliable, and hassle-free set of standards that will ensure you’re on the right track to success. The most important component of a successful EHR system is a dedicated and knowledgeable team of IT geeks to guide you through the process.


Sharenote ehr is a reliable medical practice management software that helps healthcare companies simplify their documentation and daily tasks. It is especially useful for practices providing substance abuse, developmental disabilities, and mental health services. It has been certified by the Drummond Group to meet ambulatory EHR criteria and maintains data to help users meet meaningful use requirements. Additionally, it allows users to access vital client records and employee information from multiple locations of the practice with a single login. This capability also reduces travel costs and saves time. The software can also be used to create billing codes that match client service/shift notes, ensuring bills are correct and accurate. It also offers customizable patient portals that allow patients to sign forms, view treatment plans and speak with therapists directly.


Sharenote ehr is an online practice management system that helps behavioral health agencies and organizations streamline processes pertaining to electronic billing, appointment scheduling, and other office-based tasks. The system provides a customizable patient portal that allows patients to sign forms, view treatment plans and communicate with therapists directly. It also sends prescriptions electronically and can track patient vitals. Its telehealth video platform facilitates direct interaction with patients while ensuring compliance with HIPAA standards. The software also offers a direct billing system that lets users bill insurance payors directly, making it easier to verify claims and correct denials. The system also includes features that enable users to conduct staff performance reviews. The software also captures the signature and credentials of staff members, thereby reducing manual processes. In addition, it supports multiple locations and enables users to access critical client records from any location. Its dedicated Customer Service and Implementation team assists with setup and onboarding needs, and it is compatible with Windows.


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